Lufelive is a full-service, technology, and branding company that specializes in growing, personal, professional and organizational brands online. We specialize in creating bespoke experiences for each client that automates the targeting, conversion, and retention of new and existing clientele locally and globally through value creation.


We believe that people are not buying your offering, what they are truly buying is a pathway to a better version of themselves or their businesses, believing your offering will help them bridge the gap between where they are now and where they truly desire to be. Whether you are a celebrity that inspires, a business that transforms the ability to realize a certain goal or an organization that creates global change, you or your organization is helping others bridge the gap between a current situation and a desired future outcome.


Where technology stands these days professionals and businesses should not be focusing a significant amount of their time on creating exposure and connecting with their target market, instead, they should be focusing 100% on improving and executing their core offering for the individuals and businesses they can add the most value to in this world.


We focus 100% of our time on creating, iterating and improving how information and value is exchanged in this world by using innovative technologies to streamline and automate the process. This way professionals and businesses no longer need to worry about growing their brand and revenue streams instead they can focus 100% on their core offering.