Lufelive was founded on the principals of inspiring, uniting and educating passionate and driven athletes around the globe in a new era of digital media. Through our discoveries, we uncovered a major shift that is taking place on the entire sports ecosystem.


Leagues, team’s and sports organizations have already started to adapt to the ever-changing climate, but with technology growing at an exponential rate are old infrastructures and hierarchies to slow to adapt to the new environment?


We are already seeing a drastic change in the way consumers are evaluating and making purchasing decisions, engaging with digital media and consuming live sports content.


Established media networks are losing viewership to specialized online networks that can rapidly adapt and iterate. Athletes are amassing media networks of their own that trump their entire sports organizations, endorsement parties are focusing on measurable ROI instead of the primitive eyeball method and fans want the real deal from first person media outlets. The way that money is moving through the sports industry is shifting at an unprecedented scale and unlike in the past what’s relevant today won’t be a year from now.


We focus on what’s next as oppose to what’s currently relevant, most organizations have teams to “manage” the now and that is not where we specialize. Organizations are not only going to need to adapt to the current ecosystem as it unfolds but position themselves to iterate at an exponential level. We specialize in the strategy, curation, management and monetization of digital media assets for sports organizations and help structure growth for the Next-Gen ecosystem.