Lufelive was founded on the principals of inspiring, uniting and educating passionate and driven athletes around the globe in a new era of digital media.


Our mission, provide a next-gen educational platform and media network that streams authentic live content direct from the driver seat of the most respected athletes and sport professionals around the globe.


Watch behind the scenes as athletes work to mix school with sports, train for the Olympics, prepare for the NFL combine, overcome adversity to win the world series or strive to break world records in extreme sports. Gain direct insight from current college, Olympic and professional athletes, trainers and coaches while studying the playbooks of some of the top business and technology professionals in sports.


Technology is revolutionizing the way that athletes receive information, grow, gain exposure and monetize their brands. It is also drastically changing the ways that sports leagues, teams and endorsement parties are conducting business. Our focus is to provide athletes with the connectivity, education and resources they need to make powerful, educated and effective decisions in sport and business.


Athletes are the life-blood and beating heart of the sports industry. We are here to ensure that you have the most authentic, relevant and forward information needed to rise above and do what most consider impossible. Next-Gen inspiration, education and unity for the Next-Gen athlete.